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Carpet Cleaning Waco TX

Carpet Cleaning Waco TX, will breathe new life into nasty, dirty, and old looking carpets anywhere they may be in the Waco Texas area. Our licensed and trained cleaners are always providing you with quality carpet cleaning. The clients which have called us before, benefit from our committed team of carpet cleaning specialists. Carpet Cleaning Waco TX, is committed to providing high quality service at an affordable price.

We are so confident in the quality of our carpet cleaning being seen by you, and can guarantee all your money spend will be shown in its greatest worth with any cleaning service you choose to get with us. Whether it happens to be that annoying pet stain, weird unbearable odor, or just a regular cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Waco TX is the cleaning company you can rely on to tackle all of your floor clean and care needs.

High Quality Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional Steam Cleaners For carpets

Carpet Cleaning Waco Texas focuses on providing a quality service to all of our customers. In your home or business, we use Hot steam methods which, is the main and latest method used in the industry. The hot water method is still the only method that deep cleans the carpet fibers deep inside, at a very hot rate, it also sanitizes as it is cleaning.

Our cleaners have all the best solutions to ensure the cleaning is done in the fastest manner possible, one of which is a dry blower. Turning on ceiling fans can also help in the drying process. Our professional steam cleaning process will help the appearance of your carpet improve, extend the life of your carpet, help improve your indoor air quality, and remove tough stains which other carpet cleaners cannot get out. We are the best answer for carpet cleaning in Waco TX today.

Professional Area and Persian RUG CLEANers

Area Rug Cleaning Services

When you get an area, rug cleaning it is very important to only hire a professional cleaner. When you clean your rugs they last much longer and will help your room and home look much brighter also being safer for your family. Every rug has a lot of dirt and bacteria you would not want to walk on if you knew. From soil, insect grime, urine, pet soil, dust, and to more gross build up. The last thing you would want is for you or your children to be walking on these dirty rugs barefoot.

For your rug cleaning process, our professionals will provide your rug with an examination prior to cleaning to inspect any spots, stains, or burns. Our professionals will choose the best cleaning product for your individual furniture material to safely have them cleaned. We know well how to clean any of your rugs from regular area rugs, wool rugs, to expensive Persian rugs and more. After we clean your rugs deeply two times, we will add a spot treatment to break down any tough stains. We then wash it again using one of our powerful methods to clear away any remaining soil or debris. Your rug will then be dried in the safest manner to restore maximum shine and quality.

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Professional Services

Removing Carpet Tough Stains
Wall To Wall Carpet Cleaning
Hot Water Extraction
Cleaning Persian Rugs
Using Eco- Friendly Cleaners
Home Carpet Cleaning
Carpet and Rug Cleaners
Office Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Steam Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Odor Removal
Residential Carpet Cleaning
Area Rug Cleaners


Pet Stain Removal

With our advanced rug cleaning process, you will have any pet odors or urine removed in the best manner. We soak the rugs in order to get rid of the urine salts which cause the odor. We will spray the rugs to remove any and all contaminants to ensure the back-up of the rug and flooring materials. We then immerse the rug to remove all the contaminants in the rug, the backing of the rug and the flooring.

Do not worry if your rug is too big or small as our team of cleaning professionals are capable of handling anything. After you are finished receiving a cleaning done with us, your rug should be exactly how you want it to look, while smelling and looking as new as possible. New and clean rugs can make a major difference to the look of your home. It can make your home look shiny and new, while also ensuring no bacteria get under your steps, so always make sure to keep every rug you own maintained and professionally cleaned regularly.

Between Having your Professional Rug Cleanings:

Persian Rug Cleaning

To ensure your home rug remains in great shape and look, you can do a couple things at home to help. We provided a list of steps for you. Firstly, turning or rotating your oriental/area rugs occasionally to expose one of the sides to the sun many times. When you have a spill or stain, act as fast as you can to remove the stains and spills. If you have spilled wax and need it removed, cover the spilled wax with a brown paper bag and hold an iron on top of it. Keep on moving the iron constantly to not burn the rug, then pull it off slowly when it has absorbed in the paper.

If it happens to be gum you need to remove, then get a cold ice cube and press it against the gum until it becomes hard and cold. It will be easy to remove most of it. Then use spot cleaner, alcohol or vinegar to clear away anything else. Did you spill ink? Try to spray the ink spot with hairspray, waiting for it to dry then gently wipe a little mixture of vinegar and water on top. Try these helpful tips at home to help protect your rugs longer.